Sunday, October 18, 2015

KN Police: Bangluru Police: SAD NEWS- Breve SI stabbed to death by bike thieves, 50 Lakhs to family by Govt.

A 34-year-old police sub-inspector working in rural Bengaluru was stabbed to death on Friday by two vehicle thieves he was chasing in the Nelamangala town on the outskirts of Bengaluru city. The sub-inspector identified as S Jagadish was attached to the Doddaballapur town police station in rural Bengaluru. The two thieves whom the sub inspector was chasing turned on the police officer after he fell down and lost his service weapon, Karnataka’s director general and inspector of police Om Prakash said at a press briefing on Friday evening. The incident occurred at around 11.45 AM. A constable identified as Venkatesh Murthy attached to the Doddaballapur town police station was also injured in the attack, police said. “The sub-inpsector Jagadish and four constables had gone to Nelamangala after they received information that a two wheeler thief identified as Madhu would visit a motorcycle showroom in the town. Around 11.30 am the sub-inspector spotted the thief walking with his father Krishna and moved to apprehend them. The suspects spotted the police and ran away with the officer chasing them,” DGP Om Prakash said. Around 500 meters into the chase the sub-inspector fell after he put his foot in a small nala. The suspects used the opportunity to turn around and attack the sub inspector with a knife several times in his abdomen. “The service revolver of the officer is missing and we suspect the accused may have taken it,” DGP Om Prakash said. The constable who was following the sub inspector helped alert other policemen about the incident but Jagadish was declared dead on being taken to hospital. “The murdered officer Jagadish was investigating a case and was monitoring the movement of the suspects. We do not know the antecedents of the suspects and this was known to Jagadish alone. Our teams are gathering information about them,” Prakash added. The son of a retired police officer Jagadish initially joined the police as a constable before qualifying to be a sub-inspector. The police chief has announced an ex gratia payment of Rs 30 lakh to the family of the officer as well as Rs 20 lakh from a special group insurance scheme.
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